A classically and jazz trained saxophonist, Tim Roberts completed a Bachelor of Music technology at the Queensland Conservatorium in 2009. With experience in music composition & performance, film sound recording, production and live sound, he has released two independent albums and collaborated with a visual artist exploring relationships between colour and sound (Audible Chroma). In 2010 Tim was awarded Best Sound for the film ‘Hardcore Mode’ at the Queensland New Filmmakers Awards in conjunction with Justin Harrison.  He has worked on films which have been shown in international and Australian film festivals.  

    Composing in both the traditional manner, on manuscript paper, and more directly through improvisation, Tim performs his original work on a setup comprising a variety of traditional and electronic instruments.  These instruments include saxophone, Eigenharp, synthesisers and piano.

    Feel free to contact Tim through any of his online profiles, as well as by email at tim.roberts.sound(at)gmail.com

Performance bookings can be made by contacting Tim directly.

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